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Voice test could help diagnose Parkinson’s disease in its early stages

A recent study has revealed that a simple voice test may help diagnose the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease several years in advance. According to scientists are hopeful about the technique which might help put an end to the long suffering that patients of Parkinson’s disease go through by bringing its symptoms to light.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder which is easier to fight if the treatments and the drug aids are started right from the early stages of the disease. However, at present, the state of diagnose is such that by the time the disease is diagnosed, the patient has reached an advanced stage leading to a considerable brain cell loss.

As per, the team of researchers at the Haifa University in Israel have developed computer programme called Parkinson’s Voice, designed to screen those people who are likely to develop the disease. They have found that the voice of the person undergoes certain changes during the initial stages. The condition could damage the muscles of the mouth and neck which results in a husky voice.
Michael J. Fox

“Trying to find ways to diagnose Parkinson’s at an early stage is key to understanding how to develop better and more effective treatments,” said Dr Kieran Breen, one of the researchers.

Celebrities who suffer from Parkinson’s include Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali, Johnny Cash, and Pope John Paul II.
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