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Vegetable snacks help improve appetite among kids


A recent study has revealed that intake of vegetables helps improve the appetite of preschool-goers. According to, the latest study conducted by researchers at Penn State Nutrition has found that veggies consumed by preschoolers’ during the first course of the meal paves way for better nutrient intake, leading to better health.

The researchers studied  a group of children who were given carrots during the first course followed by low-calorie food items. While some of the kids were given 30 grams of carrots, others were given 60 grams, 90 grams or no carrots at all. After a ten minute break, these children were given food items rich in nutrients and low in calories like broccoli, pasta or low fat milk.

Snacking on carrots improves kids' appetites and helps them towards their five a day

As per, the findings of the study revealed that further consumption of vegetables and nutritious food items was higher among children who were given more carrots than the others.

The study not only led to the revelation that veggie snacks help improve kids’ appeatites. it also challenged the popular belief that kids don’t like to eat vegetables.

 “When they are hungry at the start of the meal, it presents us with an opportunity to get them to eat more vegetables.” said Barbara J. Rolls, one of the authors.

Images: Wikimedia Commons

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