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Vaccine to cure skin cancer developed


A latest discovery has given clue to development of a new vaccine which might help cure skin cancer. According to, a team of researchers at Rush University Medical Centre, Chicago, has worked out a vaccine named as OncoVEX which might put an end to the plight of skin cancer patients.

The experiment revealed that vaccine directly attacks the tumour cells while leaving healthier cells undamaged and sends across the boosting agents that tend to increase body’s resistance towards melanoma.  Also, the vaccine seems to have helped patients recover from advanced stages of melanoma.

As per, the study was conducted on about 50 patients who were in their advanced stages and were given about 6 to 9 months of survival period. The findings of the study found that by the end of course period of the vaccine more than 16  percent of patients were found to be disease free and continue to live cancer free lives even after 4 years now.

Actress Melanie Griffith reportedly had skin cancer removed from her face in late 2009

“Our study shows we may have a cure for some advanced melanoma patients and a drug which has real benefits for others. This will save thousands of lives a year,” said Howard Kaufman, lead researcher of the study.

Celebrities who have fought skin cancer in some form include Melanie Griffith, Bob Marley and Elizabeth Taylor.

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