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Use of multivitamins may raise risk of breast cancer


According to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, older women are more likely to develop breast cancer if they use multivitamins.

The research involved over 35,000 Swedish cancer-free women in the age group 49-83 years. After a decade long study, 974 women were found to have breast cancer. The study results showed that women who were reported to have consumed multivitamins in the initial stages of the study showed a 19 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer as compared to non-users. The results were published after taking into account other factors like weight, age, diet, exercise, family history of the disease, smoking and drinking habits.

However, as reported by, the study only points out an association between the disease and the use of multivitamins and does not prove that the multivitamins directly contribute to breast cancer.  The result showed that a significant number of multivitamin users didn’t develop the disease during the study period. Lead Researcher Dr. Susanna C. Larsson of the Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute was quoted by the Reuters Health as saying, “If the association is causal, using multivitamins would have a modest effect on breast cancer risk for any one woman.” She advised that taking a healthy diet would ultimately eliminate the need of using multivitamins.

Other celebrities who have been diagnosed with breast cancer include Bette Davis,Betty Ford, Cynthia Nixon, Kylie MinogueSheryl Crow, Anastacia, Melissa Etheridge,Ingrid BergmanOlivia Newton-John and Christina Applegate.


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