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Sun tan is unachievable and a waste of time, say researchers


According to a new health report published in, people who are spending hours in the sun to get a full body tan are actually wasting their time as a full body tan is not possible. A research has brought out the fact that getting a consistent tone is something unachievable.

If you have ‘white bits’ on your body and wish to tan them as well, you might just never be able to do it as some parts of the body are more resistant to tanning. The research has been done by researchers at the Edinburgh University and has been published in the Journal of Experimental Dermatology.

The findings reported on say that hips are one of the areas that are resistant to tanning and even if they get a bit red when exposed to sun, they do not get as tanned as the other body parts.

Also, people who do not have any freckles are the ones who find it easy to get tanned. The skin of 100 volunteers was analyzed after exposing it six times to the UVB radiation. Buttocks and back were the exposed areas and they were analyzed after seven days to see the color after the redness disappeared.

The study was led by researcher Jonathan Rees and he was of the view that people should take care of their skin against sunburn and said that “One puzzle is why tumor numbers differ so much depending on site. Our work shows we are made up of different units of skin, which respond differently to sun and may afford different degrees of protection.”

Skin cancer is one consequence of lying out unprotected in the sun. Celebrities who have fought skin cancer in some form include Melanie GriffithBob Marley and Elizabeth Taylor.

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