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Teenage moms more prone to have premature babies, a study claims


A recent research has shown that teenage mothers are at a greater risk of giving birth to premature and underweight babies, says The babies born out of teenage mothers are at a greater risk of dying in their first year of life. The research has also brought out another shocking fact that the teenage moms get pregnant again even before they cross the age limit of 20 and this means for a greater risk for them.

The researchers claim to have found that teenage girls are 93 percent more likely to give birth early as compared to adult women and thus the teenage pregnancy has to be prevented and step need to be taken to prevent the young moms from getting pregnant immediately after they give birth.

According to, the research was conducted at the University College in Ireland, on more than 55,000 births. Researchers believe the teenage girls lacked proper medical advice and help after their first pregnancy and this led them to have a second child.

They also linked biological immaturity with poor pregnancy results. Professor Louise Kenny from Cork University Maternity Hospital was leading the study and said that “a first pregnancy may be the first and only time a pregnant teenager interacts with health services and this opportunity should not be overlooked”.

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