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Stress hormones less in married and committed people


According to a new study published in, production of stress hormones is less in a person’s body when he is in a long term relationship. The results are same for the people who are unmarried but are in a romantic relationship with commitments.

The research has been done by the professors at Chicago University and the findings have been published in the journal Stress. The results of this study also suggest the fact that unmarried and unpaired people are more under the influence of stress.

The research was conducted on 500 masters’ degree students, says the report published in Out of these, 40% of the men and 53% of women either had a relationship or were married. The students had to play a number of games on computer related to the economic behaviors of the students.

Saliva tests were done before and after the games were played so that changes in the hormone levels can be noticed. The students were told that the test was a part of their curriculum and would affect their career. This was just a way to make the test stressful so that the stress hormones could me measured.

It was noticed that concentration of cortisol increased in the participants. The levels were higher in people who were single or unpaired.

Some people who are stressed suffer from anxiety. Celebrities who have battled anxiety include Heather Locklear and Hugh Grant.


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