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Snoring incidence higher among obese kids


Recently conducted research has revealed that obese children are more likely to snore than healthier ones.

According to, obesity, which is commonly held responsible for disordered breathing pattern while sleeping among adults has now also been found to responsible for snoring among young children.  

The study was conducted by a group of Italian researchers. The team looked at the snoring pattern, including its frequency, among 44 kids who were habitual snorers was studies, 138 kids who snored occasionally and 627 kids who did not snore at all.

According to the study obese kids are more likely to snore

As reported by, the  findings revealed that the incidence of snoring among obese children was 12.5 per cent, about three times more than in children who had normal weight. Their incidence was found to be 4.6 per cent,  while it was around 5.8 percent among overweight kids.

The study also revealed that obese children were twice as likely to fall prey to obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleeping disorder, compared to kids with normal or slightly increased weight.

Researchers suggested that such sleep disorders need to addressed as early as possible in order to prevent further problems that may arise from them in adulthood.

Images: Wikimedia Commons

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