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Snail spit used to formulate super-strong pain killer


According to, scientists have used the spit of the snail and formulated a pain relief pill from it.

The saliva of the marine cone snail is used by it to catch prey. The chemical had the same pain relieving qualities as morphine and relieved even the most severe pains, without leaving any risk of addiction. The saliva of the snail contains enormous amounts of peptide toxins so that the slow moving creatures can catch its prey. Snails have needle-like teeth which they use to inject their prey with.

According to, the researchers are of the belief that this peptide has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of severe pains.

The pain reliever was developed by scientists and has to be injected directly into the spinal cord, limiting its usage. Not just this, the researchers in Australia have also developed oral painkiller medicines with the help of the saliva.

Earlier peptides were known to be poor drugs as there wasn’t any possibility of taking them orally and they were unstable. Professor Craik, who led the research has found the way to stabilize the peptides and said that “All you need is for the ends to be roughly close to one another.”

Images: Schillergarcia and opencage

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