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Smoking during pregnancy may hamper son’s fertility

Latest study has revealed that women who smoke during their pregnancy impose a risk of infertility in their sons. According to, men who have remained exposed to tobacco content while in the womb possess considerably less sperm count.

In addition the sperm is also more likely to be weak and slow, which makes it hard for allowing pregnancy. The study was conducted by the researchers at the Edinburgh University wherein the team of researchers studied the reports from all over the world, analyzing various prospective causes which lead to deformity in infants including obesity, smoking and chemical exposure in the womb.

As per, the researchers explained that the damage caused during the womb period of a child becomes permanent as compared to the damage caused during the adult hood which is still curable. This could be the result of lesser production of sertoli cells, which are required to protect the young sperms. Smoking habit of the mothers could also lead to other health problems in sons including premature birth, cot death or lesser birth weight.

The researcher concluded that the chemicals which are found in cosmetics, food and cigarette could be held responsible for young boys’ genitals.’This highlights the importance of women having healthy pregnancies and not exposing their baby to harmful chemicals, such as cigarette smoke.” said Professor Sharpe, Lead researcher.

Celebrities who smoke include Lindsay Lohan, Jack Nicholson, Shenae Grimes and Barrack Obama.


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