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‘Smilorexia’ and the cosmetic dentists who exploit the condition


The obsessive desire for a perfect Hollywood smile, or ‘smilorexia’ ascoined by Michael Zuk DDS for his new book ‘Confessions of a FormerCosmetic Dentist’ is real and can lead to abuse of the person with the disorder. “These people run to the cosmetic dentist demanding the whitest, biggest teeth and the widest smiles…and are easy victims of the Extreme Smile Makeover,” says Zuk.

The dental profession is partly to blame for this fixation on perfection but there are a number of dirty secrets your cosmetic dentist does not want you to know. To begin with cosmetic dentists do not agree on the definition of a ‘perfect smile’ and almost as shocking, orthodontists can’t even decide on a definition of ‘straight teeth’. These facts reflect the reality that even the dental profession who claims to be able to give people the perfect smile, can’t even decide what it is!

The biggest problem is cosmetic dentists think teeth need to be veneered with porcelain to look their best. He says they actually try too hard and often end up making the person’s smile look artificial. The promotion of veneers to quickly straighten crowded teeth, in Dr. Zuk’s opinion, is one of the profession’s worst violations against the public. According to Dr. Zuk, “Healthy teeth are being drilled straight and the damage is hidden under the porcelain, but it’s still wrong.”

In his crusade against extreme makeovers, he is even taking on Oprah & Dr. Oz to say, despite their good intentions sometimes their guests give the public false information about dental health and makeover advice. “I watched an episode of Oprah where Kathy Griffin was bragging about her new smile, and she said the veneers last forever. Dentists often call them permanent veneers, but the truth is they often need replacement after only 7-10 years…in fact some people with grinding habits start breaking them as soon as they are installed,” says Zuk.

The final word of advice, according to Dr. Zuk, is don’t have an extreme smile makeover until you learn more about the alternatives your cosmetic dentist may not mention that can be kinder to your teeth and your pocketbook. His book ‘Confessions of a Former Cosmetic

Dentist’ is available on and more information can be found on the website

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