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Simple blood test can detect breast cancer


A team of scientists have developed a simple blood test to detect breast cancer in women. According to, at present normal X-ray tests are conducted to detect the cancer in the breast which is able to detect the tumour only when it becomes considerably big in size. However, by this time, the tumour actively starts to spread in other areas beyond the breast which leads to a rather dangerous situation.

This new test is capable of detecting the tumour when it is as small as a seed, far earlier than when a woman begins to develop any symptoms.  Apparently, the test has proved out to be 75 percent effective in picking up early cancer in a number of trials conducted by the scientists. The test has been developed by Diagenic ASA which is a Norwegian organization.

As per, the team of researchers suggest that traditional scan called mammography should be combined with this newer test in order to have a better chance of tumour detection. “We believe this technology has huge potential. There are many women, especially women below 50, for whom mammography can miss 20 to 30 per cent of their cancers.” remarked Dr Erik Christensen, the chief executive of DiaGenic.

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