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Scientists on the pathway to create male contraceptive pill


A recent study has brought scientists a step closer to developing male contraceptive pills. As per, if the scientists from Israel are to be believed, they are on the pathway to create oral pills which will deactivate the sperms much before they reach the womb.  The pill is likely to remove one of the most vital proteins from the sperms. This will make sperms impotent to fertile the egg in the uterus, ruling out the chances of conceiving.

However, the pill is to be taken only once in three months. In addition, unlike the hormone jabs under trial stage which are likely to cause mood swings and depression, the prospective pill will not cause any such side effects. The pill is being developed by Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

As reported by, the research study of the pill was carried out on a number of mice.

“The mice behaved nicely, They ate and had sex. All I can say is that we couldn’t see any behavioural side-effects – all their sex behaviour was retained, which is a very important consideration for men. Human trials of the pill are due to start next year”, said Haim Breitbart, one of the professors involved in the study.

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