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Ride a bike for a svelte figure


A recently conducted study has revealed that riding a bike for five minutes on regular basis can help younger females keep extra pounds at bay. According to, this might prove out to be a potential and relatively easy way to lose weight. The study was conducted by a panel of researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

The report suggests that the more women ride a bike the more they are likely to lose weight. However, the time of riding the bike should be increased gradually. As per the researchers women should replace diving car or walking by bike riding in their daily routines.

As per, the team of researchers studied about 18,414 women who were still in their young phase and had not experienced menopause. At the end of the study it was found that women who rode a bicycle for two to three hours in a week were at 56 percent lesser risk of putting on weight.

“Unlike discretionary gym time, bicycling could replace time spent in a car for necessary travel of some distance to work, shops or school as activities of daily living,” the researchers added “Bicycling could then be an unconscious form of exercise because the trip’s destination, and not the exercise, could be the goal.”

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