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Rich calcium intake during early years leads to healthy bone profile


A recently conducted study has led to the discovery of the fact that not consuming enough calcium during the early years in life may result in serious health problems like osteoporosis and even obesity. According to, intake of calcium in early years helps maintain healthy bone profile through the life. The study was led by a team of researchers at the North Carolina Sate University. The research study was conducted on a number of newborn pigs. Pigs were chosen as models for the study because they have similar bone profile as human beings and they also experience bone breakage and show symptoms of osteoporosis.

As reported by, the study spanned over a period of 18 days during which it was found that pigs who were given a calcium rich diet had better bone health as compared to the piglets who had been kept on a diet which was not as rich in calcium.

The blood tests of the pigs who had lower bone density and strength revealed that they had different pattern of vitamin D’s hormonal form. “the biggest message is that calcium nutrition, or mineral nutrition as a whole, needs to be a priority from day one. Early life nutrition is setting children up physiologically for the rest of their lives.” said Chad Stahl, lead researcher of the study.

Celebrities suffering from osteoporosis include TV personality Joan Rivers, who has been trying to raise awareness about the condition since her diagnosis.


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