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Regular snacking helps stay fit


A recent health study has claimed that kids in their teenage who snack more may weigh lesser than their counterparts. According to, the study has found that teenagers who consume short meals at regular intervals throughout the day stand at lesser risk to become obese or overweight as compared to adolescents who consume larger meals.

The study was conducted by a team of US researchers, and was carried out on 5,800 teenagers. The report suggests that abdominal obesity takes a plunge as the kids developed the habit of snacking through the day.

As reported by, a huge part of energy spent by teenagers while watching television, playing videogames or during physical activity is derived from short snacking. However, the researchers added that snacking should not include heavy food items it should rather consist of fresh fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and whole grains, about which the researchers commented “that we know kids are not getting enough of.”

The study was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Debra R. Keast went on to say that teenagers should cut down on sugary beverages.

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