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Regular exercise holds the key to curtail postpartum depression


A recent study has found that exercise holds the key to break away from the dangers of postpartum depression. According to, research proves that regular physical exercise and general well-being could help curtail the risk of postpartum depression. The research was conducted by a group of researchers at the University of Melbourne.  The study was conducted on a number of women who had recently delivered a child. These women were randomly enrolled to groups- Mother & Baby programme (M&B) and an educational programme respectively. The women in M&B programme engaged in one hour of exercise daily together with half an hour session of parenting education once a week for a period of eight weeks, whereas in educational programme women were given only the parenting and baby care education.

As per, the results established that the women from M&B group were found to be lesser depressed and showed considerable progress on the count of healthy living as compared to the women enrolled in educational only programme. “A group exercise program led by a physical therapist, who is an expert in improving and restoring motion to people’s daily lives, can help mothers who may be at risk for PND improve their well-being and enable them to better care for their children.” explained Mary P. Galea, one of the researchers and a professor of Clinical Physiotherapy in the School of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne.

Celebrities who have battled postpartum depression include Brooke Shields, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.


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