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Red wine component helps fight eye problems


A recent health study has claimed that a component found in red wine may help prevent eye problems. According to, Reveratrol, an important component of red wine has been found to be responsible for keeping some of the severe eye problems at bay.

The research has been conducted by a team of researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. For those who abstain from drinking wine, Resveratrol is also found in grape berries, peanuts, blue berries and a host of other plants.

The team of researchers took cue from the age defying properties of resveratrol, believing that the compound may as well help delay and control eye aging.

As reported by, resveratorl can also be consumed orally as supplements to avoid resveratrol jabs in the eyes. However, people with severe angeogenesis might have to consume the compound in high doses. The report also said that the compound is easy-to-be absorbed by the body.

Calling the study a novel one, Rajendra S. Apte, senior author of the study said: “And we believe the pathway may be involved both in age-related eye disease and in other diseases where angiogenesis plays a destructive role.”


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