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Radiotherapy ups the risk of cardiovascular disease


A recent study has found that radiotherapy, which is used for treating cancer, increases the chances of cardiovascular disease. According to, radiotherapy tends to change the pattern of genes which result in constant inflammation in the arteries which helps patients fight cancer. However, later in life this persistent inflammation leads to the development of cardiovascular disease in the survivors of cancer. The research was conducted by the researchers at the Karolinska Institutet.

Previous studies have established that radiotherapy furthers the chances of cardiovascular disease mostly in the same body part where the cancer was found. However, it was found that this side effect of radiotherapy does not surface for many years after the treatment. As per, the study revealed that the radiotherapy processed arteries of the patients developed chronic inflammation.

This inflammation expression of the gene was found to be present even after many years of radiotherapy. This discovery aims to reveal the reason why survivors of cancer often fall prey to cardiovascular diseases. Speaking about the revelation Dr. Martin Halle, a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet said “Hopefully, these findings will one day help medicine to mitigate the side effects by administering radiotherapy in combination with an anti-inflammatory treatment.”

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