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Prostrate cancer in the family may increase chances of the disease in men


A recently conducted study has revealed that men who have a family history of prostate cancer are at increased risk of developing the disease. According to, scientists at the DKFZ research institute conducted the research study on about 26,651 patients out of which 5,623 patients were from the families where the prostate had been found before among the close relatives. The data had been attained by the scientists from the Swedish National Family Cancer Database which had a collected data from the year 2958 to 2006, incorporating cancer reports of several generations.

As per, patients up to 65 years of age having 3 affected brothers with the disease were found to be at 23 times at increased risk of prostate cancer while men in the age group of 65 to 74 years with affected fathers were at 1.8 times increased risk of the disease. The team of researchers also analyzed the mortality rate of the cancer with regard to the rate of affected family associates. It was found that close relation with the affected person increases the chances of death from the cancer.  “Our results provide a good guidance for doctors. If a man has several affected relatives who may even have been diagnosed at a young age, then his personal risk is substantially increased. In this case, a family doctor should urgently recommend having an early detection examination,” said Kari Hemminki, study head.

Celebrities who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer include Dennis Hopper, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charlton Heston and Jeff Jarvis.

Images:, source: LALW – B&W, author: Tracey Nolan


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