Prader Willi Syndrome book offers hope to victims

New book sees miraculous improvement in childhood eating disorder – Prader Willi Syndrome.

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa have been hitting headlines, and claiming lives for years, but there is a lesser known eating disorder – Prader Willi Syndrome  (PWS) – that is affecting our children and leading to mortality.

PWS is a genetic disorder that takes affect in early childhood and is characterised by the urge to eat excessively, due to the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling hunger and sending out messages of satiation, not functioning properly.

Symptoms, besides the obvious gorging, include compulsive behaviour, mood swings, insatiable hunger, depression, retarded growth, speech problems, and unpredictable outbursts. Symptoms may be mild during infancy and throughout childhood, but may unsurprisingly lead to obesity in later life. PWS sufferers cheat and steal to get food. Because they do not vomit, they will continue to eat until they become obese and the obesity kills them.

A new book – Prader Willi Syndrome: Coping With The Disease – Living With Those Involved, written by Dr Urs Eiholzer, may offer hope to sufferers and those living with a sufferer. It offers extensive information on the available treatments and outlines how the disease can be eradicated, the better we understand it.

Eating disorders in whatever guise are destructive and debilitating diseases that are generally misunderstood, but frequently lead to death. If you suspect you or someone you love may be suffering from an eating disorder, seek professional help.


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