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Pet Stores Ban Sale of Pets


Hoorah then, animal lovers like Brigitte Bardot, (who was in the news earlier this week after she campaigned for a dog to receive the same rights as a human) across the world can celebrate – at least a little – as Canadian pet store chain PJ’s Pets, has just announced that it will discontinue the sale of animals in its 41 stores across the nation, according to Yahoo News Canada.

Instead of selling animals the company will work together with local adoption organizations, educating potential owners and putting them in touch with pets in shelters awaiting adoption.

Several pro-animal organizations have expressed their satisfaction with the change taking place in PJ’s. Kristin Williams (executive director of Nova Scotia SPCA said “We applaud what PJ’s Pets and Pets Unlimited are doing in giving up puppy sales to help organizations like ours find homes for more pets.”

In an interview, CEO of the HSC, Michael O’Sullivan told the CTV News Channel, “I think it puts the responsibility where it belongs and it’s wonderful for the animals. You actually do an adoption process, so that the animals don’t come back even to the shelter for the same reasons they came. And you look for a permanent loving home.”


Puppy in a cage: it's crime, being cute.

Pro-animal lobbyists have been highlighting the problems with pet stores and puppy mills for years, accusing them of cruelty and focussed purely on financial gain, rather on the welfare and safety of the puppies.

The news of PJ’s change of heart comes after a report on puppy mills in 2009 by CBC’s Marketplace which claimed that that they were selling puppies with the kind of health problems that indicated they had been raised in poor factory conditions. PJ’s declined the opportunity to comment on the report and still claim that their pups were sourced from reputable breeders.

Good old ‘controversial’ PETA launched a campaign “If you buy a dog, what will you do with the shelter dog you kill?” last year. I personally love their brutal campaigns and no holds barred approach. And the ASPCA’s campaign has been raising awareness and collecting signatures.

 More good news from the US

In another small victory, pet stores in Glendale, USA have also been banned from stocking dogs and cats, after an investigation by animal rights campaigners into the disgusting conditions in which the animals are raised and kept in a Midwest puppy mill. According to the investigation, animals were found to be injured, soaked in urine and faeces and in some cases their fur was so matted that it had covered their eyes and they were unable to see.

Half the dogs sent to shelters in the US are destroyed, because no one wants to adopt them, according to the ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Similarly, seven out of ten cats are killed. And according to the Humane Society up to 4 million animals are euthanized every year.

Bravo human race for more outstandingly dreadful and arrogant treatment of newborn animals. There is nothing more divine and uncalculating as a small puppy. Congratulations to those who have campaigned relentlessly to end the exploitation of man’s little best friend. The sooner the rest of the world follows suit, the closer we come to ending cruelty to animals and saving the little round globe on which we live and all who inhabit it.

Cruelty to animals is arrogant and smacks of both ignorance and cowardice. They are just like us except they are smaller, furrier and without ego or malice.

Morrissey got some flak earlier this month when he rightfully compared the deaths of 70 or so humans with the mass slaughter of millions of animals every day. Read more here.

Other celebrities who care about animals include Reese Witherspoon, Alicia Silverstone, Jake Gyllenhaal and Pamela Anderson.

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