Overweight kids have delayed motor skills

A recent study has brought to light that overweight babies are more at risk to get delayed in developing physical skills like rolling over and crawling. According to www.reuters.com, the study was conducted on about 215 infants out of which 152 kids were overweight. Researchers found that nearly 20 percent of the kids which made for 31 infants reported delay in developing motor skills. The study also revealed that those overweight kids had trouble sitting steady even for a period of 30 seconds as compared to the kids who had normal weight.

As per www.news.yahoo.com, a 3 month old kid can easily balance head, sits with support and can roll over and a 6 month old child can sit on its own and also tries to crawl. However, a 6 month old child who has low or delayed motor skills finds it hard to sit steady without support for even 30 seconds.

Likewise, an eighteen-month-old kid with delayed motor skills might fail to walk sideways or backwards and can’t stand on a single foot for even 2 seconds since they can not balance well. Speaking about the findings, Meghan Slining, one of the researchers at the University of North Carolina noted that parents of overweight kids should provide enough space to the kids and should encourage them to play around and explore new things.

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