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Overactive thyroids increase the risk of stroke


A recent study has revealed that overactive thyroids in adolescents increase the chances of stroke by as much as 44 percent as compared to those who have normal thyroid levels. According to, a condition of overactive thyroids, also called hyperthyroidism, is a disorder of endocrine which is commonly found in 0.5 to 2 percent of the total population of the world, which makes for about one person in every 200 to one in every 50 group of people. The thyroid is located in the front of a human’s throat.

As per, the team of researchers analysed about 3,176 young adults who were diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and about 25,408 people who were not suffering from thyroid disbalance. The average age of patients was 32.  It was found that about 198 people out of the group of hyperthyroidism patients recorded for the ischemic stroke.

Thyroid gland

“Our study shows an association between hyperthyroidism and the risk of subsequent ischemic stroke in young adults,” explained Herng-Ching Lin, lead researcher of the study. He went on to add “A more thorough evaluation in future studies may help elucidate the causes of stroke in this age group. Our results indicate a need for thyroid function testing and detection of hyperthyroidism in surveys to identify the causes of ischemic stroke in young people.”

Oprah Winfrey has been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder.


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