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Oral bacteria may increase pregnancy complications


A recently conducted study has revealed that women who have poor oral hygiene are at increased risk of pregnancy complications.  According to, oral bacteria travel through blood streams leading to certain inflammatory diseases in placenta which can even lead to serious complications during pregnancy including stillbirths or preterm births.

The latest study focused on the species of bacteria from the 700 species so far discovered in the mouth which are responsible for causing pregnancy related problems. The research study was conducted by a team of researchers at the Case Western Reserve University.

As per, prior to this research, it was commonly thought that these infections were spread through vaginal tract. The study also suggested that the bacterial infections could be transmitted through a slight cut in pregnant woman’s mouth from where the infection may get into the blood. In addition, oral problems like periodontitis or gingivitis are also responsible for damaging the defense system of the mouth.

According to Professor Yiping Han, this “suggests that even healthy pregnant women should be concerned bacteria that normally lives in the mouth can enter the blood stream and make their way into the placenta’s immune-free environment to ignite an inflammatory reaction that can lead to premature or stillbirths.”

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