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Olive Oil may help prevent Ulcerative Colitis


A recent study has revealed that consumption of Olive oil may help in the prevention of ulcerative colitis. As reported by, Oleic acid, a mono saturated fatty acid mainly found in olive oil helps keep a tab on the development of ulcerative colitis. The disease is primarily characterized by inflammation of the large intestine resulting in abdominal pain, weight loss and diarrhea.

The study was conducted by  researchers at the UEA’s School of Medicine. The team examined around 25000 adults in the age group of 40 to 65.

According to, at the time of commencement of the study none of the participants showed symptoms of ulcerative colitis. After a brief period of time, researchers examined the food diaries of the participants and their health reports.

Olive oil may help to prevent ulcerative colitis

It was found that around 22 adults had reported the development of ulcerative colitis. This was followed by a comparative study of the daily diet of those participants who had not developed the problem. The findings revealed that people who consumed oleic acid in high quantities had around 90 percent decreased risk of ulcerative colitis.

“Oleic acid seems to help prevent the development of ulcerative colitis by blocking chemicals in the bowel that aggravate the inflammation found in this illness,” said Dr Andrew Hart, lead researcher.

Image: Foodistablog

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