Obesity increased nationwide by 6% since 2008 but alternative lifestyles can cure it

A recent study of obesity in the US has revealed some startling trends with the overall rate across the country increasing by 4% since a previous study in 2008. The worst culprits are West Virginia where 33.5% of adults are now clinically obese – that’s one in every three people.

In addition the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index discovered a link to increased diabetes amongst their findings with a 6% increase nationwide in reported new cases.

The information is compiled after respondents’ return self-reported cards which contain information on height, weight, age and BMI (body mass index). If the BMI score is above 30 then the individual is deemed obese.

AN all too familiar sight these days as obesity cases continue to increase

As things stand the trend is only set to increase because the unscrupulous pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) is only interested in perpetuating their business and high levels of profit which comes at the expense of the nation’s health. If Big Pharma really wanted to heal you they’d put themselves out of business.

The answer to defeating diseases like obesity and diabetes lies in the food we eat and not in the drugs we take to combat them. Many brands of food which purport to be healthy are in fact anything but. The worst things we can eat are sugar, white flour, white pasta and MSG. Those ingredients have an incredibly destructive effect on our health.

Take for example Cap’N Crunch with Crunchberries, the ready-to-eat cereal made by Quaker. For every 100g of serving, 44.5g is sugar; so almost half of your breakfast intake is a toxin which increases the likelihood of diabetes and thyroid disorders.

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes contain 33g of sugar per 100g serving; and a glass of orange juice from concentrate contains 37.4g per 100g serving.

So that’s the healthy breakfast putting you in the hands of the dental association and Big Pharma.

The alternative to food enslavement

While the term ‘enslavement’ may seem a little strong it is exactly the state most people are in because the food industry refuses to show the complete truth. It is on to a good thing by not informing the public about what they’re eating and again, the profits keep rolling in.

The first step consumers need to take is to demand that congress pass a bill to label all food clearly with ingredients, nutritional content, GM content and potential health risks; that way you can make informed choices about the food you buy.

[adsense]The next step is to demand that all meat and dairy be produced organically to end the need for chemical modification and hormonal ‘enhancement’ which is used by the meat industry courtesy of our friends at Monsanto et al. These growth boosting hormones have been linked to an increase in diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Every time you buy a GM product or mass produced food item you are endorsing the manufacturers and telling the government, food and health industries that you’re happy to continue consuming food which is poisonous and harmful to your body.

How to reverse diabetes and obesity without the need for drugs

Gabriel Cousens still looking good at 67 years of age

It has been proven that an organic, plant based diet can not only alleviate the problems caused by obesity and diabetes, but also eradicate them completely. The hardest thing for most people to embrace is letting go of the types of food they eat and the confusion surrounding what the body needs in order to function properly.

In his study of diabetes Dr. Gabriel Cousens invited six people with type I and II diabetes to spend 30 days at his wellness centre where he vowed to cure them of the illness. The study was successful for four of the trialists; the other two failing because one gave up and went home within a week and the other sneaked into Mexico to buy alcohol.

Cousens put them on a completely organic raw vegan diet and while the subjects complained at first, within a week of eating raw they said they felt healthier, happier and more alive than they could ever remember. The most startling aspect was that they all had more stable blood sugar levels and by the end of the 30 days three of them were completely free of the need for insulin.

The side effects of the raw diet also included huge weight loss which was aided by walking a little every day; a reduction in cholesterol and general all round wellness.

Raw veganism vs cancer

In 2005 T. Colin Powell released his book, The China Study which documented over 40 years of studying enzymes and proteins and their effect on the human body. His findings threw the pharmaceutical industry into disarray because he proved that consumption of proteins provided by meat accelerated the growth of cancer cells and that eating raw, whole foods allowed the body to not only slow the cancer growth but actually sent it into complete remission.

While this article points out the damage mass produced, non-organic food has on the body it is not a pledge drive for the vegan society. It is however giving you the option to make a choice for yourself about what you do with your body and the type of life you wish to lead.

Dig beneath the surface and find out for yourself just what the food and drug manufacturers are hiding from you.

Please share your thoughts on the growing obesity, diabetes and cancer problems by leaving a comment.

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images: veganmainstream.com; adultobesity.net; girltalk24-7.com


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