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Obese kids show signs of possible future heart failure


Raised levels of a C-reactive protein in obese children reportedly hint towards heart disease in adulthood. The study conducted on 16,000 children and adolescents found that 40 percent of obese children between the ages of three and five had raised levels of the C-reactive protein, while only 18 percent of healthy children were found to have elevated levels.

Asheley Cockrell Skinner of the University of North Carolina, where the study was conducted, said the results of the study positive, reports. “We’re seeing a relationship between weight status and elevated inflammatory markers much earlier than we expected,” she said.

Skinner, who is a professor of pediatrics at the university, told the Wall Street Journal: “It’s really important to be concerned about childhood obesity and to even be concerned when they are quite young. We can’t wait until they’re adolescents or adults.”

C-reactive proteins (CRP), located in the blood, are an indication of inflammation in the body. Usually damage to do with heart disease is caused by inflammation of artery walls. Because of this, CRP can generally be used as a marker to predict the risk of heart disease. BBC reports that studies conducted on adults have “linked high levels with a future risk of heart attacks”.

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