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Obese drinkers likely to get liver disease


Researchers in England have found that obese people who drink are much more likely to develip liver disease than slimmer people. Two studies in the United Kingdom followed over two million participants over the course of several years. The BBC reports the study concluded that obese women who drank just over a glass of wine each day were twice as likely to develop liver disease than slimmer women. Similar results were found for men.

One of the studies, conducted in Scotland, found that obese men who drank more than 15 units of alcohol per week were 19 times as likely to develop liver disease than slim men.

The second study tested one million women in England and Wales, and was conducted by the University of Oxford.

Dr Bette Liu of the university’s Cancer Epidemiology Unit said: “We estimate that almost 20% of liver cirrhosis in middle-aged UK women is due to excess weight, while almost 50% is due to alcohol consumption.”

Alcohol consumption can cause cirrhosis of the liver.

The studies call for a reassessment on the “safe” limits regarding alcohol for obese people.

Lead author Dr Carole Hart of the University of Glasgow said: “Further research might show that there could be different limits more applicable to overweight and obese people.”

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