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Obese children have stiffer arteries

A recent study has revealed that obese or slightly overweight children have stiffer arteries during the growing years. The research study has been conducted by the group of researchers at the Medical College of Georgia. According to, the team of researchers used non-invasive measure of pulse wave velocity wherein a pulse is passed through liver which generates an echo. If the echo is stiff, it indicates disease. They examined children of different body weights including those with less endurance and more fat between the age group of 8 to 11 years.
The findings revealed that children with more body mass have stiffer arteries as compared to children who were more fit and had better metabolic rate. The study also incorporated factors like the daily physical activity of these children some of whom participated in the aerobics and jumping rope while others participated in crafts and board games.
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As per, it was discovered that kids who engaged in 20 to 40 minute aerobics or other physical activity daily recorded for reduced inflammation, lower body mass and decreased insulin levels after a period of 12 weeks. “When children at such a young age start getting diseases only adults used to get, it’s like the sky is falling,” remarked Dr. Catherine L. Davis, lead author of the study.

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