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Gene discovery could put an end to kidney problems


A team of scientists have identified a set of twenty genes that may help determine the cause behind various kidney related problems. According to, this discovery might also lead to revolutionary treatment in future. Chronic Kidney Disease (also known as CKD) is a condition when the kidneys of the patient constantly lose their functional abilities. One out of ten adult people suffer from CKD and need to undergo dialysis treatment or kidney transplant. The recent discovery of certain genes is being viewed as a ground breaking one in the medical domain, which might end the plight of many patients in the future.

As per, during the research the group of scientists examined genes of about 70,000 people. They found some 13 gene types which were capable of influencing the production as well as secretion of chemical molecule Creatinine and also affects the renal function.   This might prove out to be a breakthrough discovery; however the scientists maintain that it might take some time to put the latest discovery to clinical benefits.

DNA double helix

“No-one knows who will be affected or when kidney disease may strike next, so even more research needs to be funded to help us tackle this challenge.” Remarked Charles Kernahan, Chief Executive, Charity Kidney Research UK. He went on to add “These are still early days but it is truly a great breakthrough”

Celebrities who have had kidney problems include Natalie Cole.


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