New device to help parents detect if their children are on drugs

A controversial device has been developed that will make it possible for suspecting parents to test whether their children have been indulging in cannabis or cocaine.

According to, the drug test can detect the presence of drugs in the body of an individual in just five minutes. The device, which looks very much like a pregnancy test kit and works by analyzing saliva, was originally developed for police to use for speedy drug-driving tests.

By bringing it into the home, many would argue that it crosses the line with regards a person’s privacy. Kevin Auton, of Universal Sensors, was quoted on the as saying that the test could have “huge implications for society.

He continued: “In America, parents are taking samples of their children’s saliva and hair and sending them off to labs to see if their children are taking drugs. If there is demand for it here, it would be an interesting market.

“It is controversial but the test can be used in the home for worried parents to test if their children are taking drugs.”

Thehand-held drug test could be on the market in about two years and will cost £1.50.

Two celebrities who have recently landed themselves into trouble for drug-related offences are Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.