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Maternal drinking can lead to development of epilepsy in babies


A recent study has found that women who consume alcohol during their pregnancy are at more chances to put their kids at risk of epilepsy. According to, babies who are exposed to alcohol while they are in the womb of the mother are more at risk of developing debilitating seizures later in life.

The team of researchers analyzed about 425 people who were suffering from foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The study was conducted by the researchers at the Queens University of Ontario, Canada which revealed that alcohol exposure in womb could hamper the development of the brain and could lead to serious damage to the parts of brain related to the seizures.

As per, children who suffered from FASD are six times more at risk of developing epilepsy later in their lives. While scientists are still trying to figure out how ethanol, a compound found in alcohol, hampers growth of the brain, however, they suggested that pregnant women should refrain from consuming alcohol.

“The consensus recommendation of scientists and clinical investigators, along with public health officials around the world, is very clear. A woman should abstain from drinking during pregnancy as part of an overall programme of good prenatal care that includes good nutrition, adequate exercise, sufficient rest, and proper prenatal health care.” said Dan Savage,┬álead professor of the study.

Celebrities who suffer from epilepsy include Danny Glover and Hugo Weaving.


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