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Low-Fat diet under the scanner


People on a weight loss mission with a low-fat diet might not be doing any good to their heart health or cholesterol levels, a study says.

This study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has revealed some astounding results on low-fat diet. Conducted by Women’s Health Initiative, the study claims that spending time on a low-fat diet might lead to weight loss but it will not be healthy for your heart. According to, Barbara V. Howard, study author from Georgetown University was quoted as saying, “This diet did not raise triglycerides and didn’t lower HDL cholesterol…[but] eating a low-fat diet might make it easier to lose weight, which is important because of the current American epidemic of obesity.”

This interesting research was designed to uncover the common death causes and the impaired quality of life in postmenopausal women. It was basically a dietary modification trial where one group consists of women on low-fat diet as compared to another group where there were no modifications in the eating habits. According to, health experts feel its better not to follow a low-fat diet if you want to keep your heart healthy with low cholesterol levels.

Though low-fat diets have gained a lot of popularity but with such surprising results, it is now under the scanner with people shifting focus to low-carb or Mediterranean diet.

Other effective diets include the South Beach dietSugar BustersVolumetrics diet and the Ultra Metabolism diet.


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