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Long term habit of smoking leads to lower IQ levels


A recent study has revealed that smoking leads to lower levels of IQ in the long run. According to, the study conducted by a group of researchers found that long term smoking habit among young people led to a considerable dip in the levels of intelligence as compared to those people who refrain from cigarette smoking. The research was conducted on a set of 20,000 adults which clearly established – the more one smokes, lower the IQ level goes.

As per, during the research it was found that young smokers belonging to the age group of 18 to 21 years had an IQ of 94 whereas the IQ level of non-smokers of the same age group was marked to be 101. Apparently, people who smoked more than one packet of cigarettes everyday had an even lower IQ of 90. However, the fact that non-intelligent people taking to smoking more than anyone else is also being analysed by the researchers.

Speaking about the new findings, Professor of Psychology- Robert Zucker, University of Michigan said “The exact mechanism for smoking’s impact on the brain’s higher functions is still unclear, but may involve both neurochemical effects and damage to the blood vessels that supply the brain.”

Celebrities who have not managed to quit smoking include Jack Nicholson,Lindsay Lohan, Christina Ricci and President Barack Obama.


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