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Liver patients are at increased risk of neurocognitive impairments


A recently conducted study has revealed that patients of liver cirrhosis are at increased risk of neurocognitive impairments. According to, the research study was conducted by a team of researchers at the Loyola University Health System which revealed that almost half of the patients diagnosed with the liver diseases are found to be suffering from neurocognitive impairments including problems like memory loss.

These impairments have been found to be responsible for affecting day to day abilities of the patients including that of driving skills and managing finances. The researchers examined around 301 patients of liver cirrhosis out of which 54 percent of the patients were found to have a 10 percent decrease in the neurocognitive profile.

As reported by, the neurocognitive impairment is also called hepatic encephalopathy. The impairments are generally caused by impact of collected toxins like ammonia which the damaged liver fails to wipe out from patient’s body. The study has been the first one to compare the development of neurocognitive impairments among liver patients and people with healthy liver profile.

During the study, a group of patients were examined on the basis of a test which included attention, memory and language based questions. “Neurocognitive impairment is a major issue in patients with liver disease,” said Christopher Randolph, lead researcher.

Celebrities who have had liver problems include Pamela Anderson, who battled Hepatitis C, and David Crosby, who underwent a liver transplant.


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