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Intake of Vitamin D lowers the risk of premature birth


A recent study has revealed that pregnant women who consume high levels of vitamin D are at a lesser risk of giving birth prematurely.

According to, contrary to earlier research which claimed that excess intake of vitamin D may lead to the development of rickets, the latest study has found that increased consumption of vitamin D can prevent various complications during pregnancy.

Vitamin D can be had in abundance through fifteen minutes of sunlight exposure and also from food items like eggs, fish and cereals.  The study was conducted by a team of researchers at the University of South Carolina.

Taking a supplement of Vitamin D could prevent various pregnancy problems

As reported by, during the study, researchers gave different quantities of Vitamin D to a number of women who initially had equal levels of vitamin D content and monitored their health. It was found that women who had consumed the highest levels of vitamin D during the course reported no ill effects and were 50 percent less likely to go into labor early, develop gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications.

Speaking about the study, Dr Carol Wagner, lead researcher suggested that pregnant women should consume 1,000 MG of vitamin D.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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