Intake of trans fats harmful for women with heart ailments

A recent study has revealed that trans fats which are found in many of the packaged food items are harmful for women who are suffering from heart diseases. The study, conducted by researchers at the Harvard University, incorporated a comparison based study between women whose intake of Trans fat was more than others. According to, the study has found that women patients of heart diseases who consume about 2.5 percent of trans fats on routinely basis are about three times more at risk of dying from a sudden cardiac arrest than those who consumed only 1 percent of the same.
As per, the team of researchers concentrated on the data of about 86,000 women who were suffering from heart disease.
The research study called Nurses’ Health Study has been published in an American Heart Journal. Apparently, trans fats are known for their properties of boosting LDL which is known as bad cholesterol and for reducing the levels of HDL, good cholesterol in the body. Together these changes in the cholesterol levels can lead to increased chances of cardiovascular disease. The team of Harvard researchers have said that there is apparent connect between women with chronic heart ailments and the trans-fat intake.
Celebrities who have heart problems include Robin WilliamsJennie GarthElizabeth Taylor,Larry King and Bill Clinton.

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  7. For better heart health, try using Rice Bran Oil which is loaded with more anti-oxidants and vitamin E than olive and canola oils. Rice Oil also contains oryzanol which is more powerful than vitamin E in fighting free radicals.
    All this leads to healthier heart health.

  8. It makes me so angry. Not your post but the fact that so many women, and obviously some men have to experience the trauma of breast cancer. I found your post when I was looking for breast cancer corner. I thought it was worth a couple of minutes to read. The more we research, the more knowledge we have, the better prepared we are to fight, and beat, this disease.

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