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Increased CO2 content in blood responsible for near death experience

A recent study has revealed that increased levels of CO2 in the body might be responsible for the experience of near death. According to, more than a quarter of people who have suffered cardiac arrests in the past reportedly claim to have experienced mysterious things which generally include floating sensations, immense sense of peace and happiness, a feeling of going through the tunnel or staring down from ceiling.
Earlier it was believed to be the effect of some of the drugs or certain religious beliefs. However, the study conducted by the researchers at the University of Maribor, Slovenia explained that it was due to higher levels of Carbon Dioxide. As per, the team of Slovenian researchers examined about 52 heart attack patients. During the study, they checked levels of various chemicals inside the body of these patients.
The findings revealed that about 11 of these patients who had reported such out-of-body experiences recorded for an increased CO2 content in their arteries and breath. Previous studies have confirmed that inhaling CO2 can result in certain hallucinating experiences which are not very different from what was reported by these 11 patients. “Near-death experiences make us address our understanding of human consciousness so the more we know the better.” said Zalika Klemenc-Ketis, lead author.
Celebrities who have heart problems include Robin Williams, Michael Lohan and Bill Clinton.
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