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Immunotherapy useful for asthmatics


A recently conducted study has revealed that allergy shots can be used for cutting down the symptoms of asthma. The study has been conducted by a team of researchers at the Monash University in Melbourne. According to,  allergy shots which are called allergen immunotherapy in medical terms can also reduce the dependency on inhaled medications as also allergy attacks.

However, the researchers also added that there are a few side affects associated with the allergy shots which include stuffy nose and fatal anaphylactic shock.

As reported by, it was found that after getting a string of these allergy shots, asthma patients experienced that their breathing process improved. In addition, patients reported that the injections also desensitized their immune systems to certain irritants.

The study also revealed that doctors should have a detailed chat with their asthma patients and should make them aware of the risks and benefits of immunotherapy. Harold Nelson, lead researcher of the study said that patients who are prone to treatment-resistant asthma cannot be treated by these allergy shots.

He added that “whilst inhaled corticosteroid therapy remains the mainstay of asthma management, any reduction in this type of treatment while maintaining good asthma control would be welcome.”

Celebrities who suffer from asthma include Lindsay Lohan and Sharon Stone.


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