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High meat diet triggers early puberty in young girls


A recently conducted study has revealed that increased amounts of meat in the daily diet of young girls can result in early periods. According to, consumption of 12 portions of meat in a week at the age of seven is linked with early menstruation.

A portion is defined by the amount of meat a growing child eats in one full meal. The research was conducted by the scientists at the University of Brighton in East Sussex. It was carried out on about 3000 young girls. It was found that 49 per cent of those 7 year old girls who included 12 portions of meat in their weekly diet had their periods by the age of 12.

As reported by, early periods may also result in breast cancer due to increased exposure to the higher estrogen levels over the years. The researchers also said that a diet rich in meat helps prepare the body for pregnancy and therefore triggers early puberty.

However, they maintained that ‘These results add to the evidence that it is healthiest to avoid diets containing very high amounts of meat.” Dr. Imogen Rogers went on to suggest that since meat consists of some of the essential nutrients like iron and zinc, parents of young girls should therefore maintain a balance and not go overboard with the meat-rich diet.

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