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High sugar consumption may increase risk of heart ailments

A recent study has revealed that consumption of increased levels of sugar may lead to rise in the risk of development of heart diseases. According to, the study has held added sugar responsible for increased chances of several health related problems including that of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart ailments and cancer.  The study was conducted by the researchers at the Emory School of Medicine.
As reported by, the study incorporated the data nutrition and levels of blood lipids of 6000 adults during 1999 to 2006, compiled by the government of US. People were divided in the groups, while the highest sugar consuming group reported to have an intake of 46 teaspoons of add on sugar every day, the lowest sugar consuming group had a daily intake of 3 teaspoons of additional sugar.

The findings have also revealed that consistent intake of high sugar content may also lead to increased proportions of triglycerides as well as higher levels of blood lipids and may result in increase in cholesterol. “It would be important for long-term health for people to start looking at how much added sugar they’re getting and finding ways to reduce that,” said Miriam Vos, Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, Emory School of Medicine.

Celebrities who have suffered from cholesterol include Bill Clinton.

Famous people who battled Alzheimer’s disease include Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston.


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