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Heart disease to be cause of death for 400,000 Americans in 2010


Modern lifestyles, especially in the Western World, and especially in the United States, mean that illnesses like heart disease are fast becoming the norm. While calls for the American population to watch their weight and to live healthy by lowering cholesterol levels, quitting smoking or ensuring a healthy blood pressure have been successful, they are no match for the alarming rise in obesity.

Scientists from the University of Liverpool have found that, based on lifestyle figures from the year 2000, approximately 400,000 Americans will die from heart disease. Even more shocking is the fact that half of these deaths could easily be avoided.

University of Liverpool Professor Simon Capewell wrote in his study, published in the World Health Organization’s weekly journal: “Although (heart disease) death rates have been falling in the United States for four decades, they are now leveling off in young men and women,” he wrote.

“Recent declines in total blood cholesterol have been modest, blood pressure is now rising among women and obesity and diabetes are rising steeply in both sexes.” reports that currently two out of three adults and one in three children in the U.S. is overweight.

Simon Capewell wrote that the growing trend for obesity is “alarming”, but that heart disease deaths could easily be avoided through “modest” changes, including exercising a little more, quitting smoking, and eating healthier.

According to the WHO, if nothing is done about the growing obesity trend, an expected 1.5 billion people worldwide will be obese by 2015. That’s 25 percent of the global population.

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Former President Bill Clinton had surgery due to heart disease.

Celebrities who have battled weight problems include Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley.


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