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Gwen Olsen speaks out against Big Pharma


Gwen Olsen may not be a household name but once you’ve heard what she has to say it’s a name that’ll stick in your mind for a long time to come.

Olsen spent 15 years working in ‘Big Pharma’, for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Abbot Laboratories. During that time as a sales representative she worked hard to push her employers’ products into the public domain in order to reap massive profits, but as time wore she discovered an alarming truth which pricked her conscience into speaking openly about it.

What she discovered is that Big Pharma is not in business to heal the sick and provide cures for the ailing; it’s in business to profit from the sick and the only way to do that is by keeping people sick.

She learned the dark truth about the pharmaceutical industry after the suicide of her niece who was given a prescription of psychiatric drugs – drugs which she didn’t need to take.

Olsen soon learned that mixing the drugs can have a terrible reaction within the mind and body of the consumer but the drug companies are only interested in selling more and more products, keeping the public fed on the line that they need the drugs she was peddling all those years.

One of the most shocking discoveries she made was that most of the psychiatric drugs she was selling were barely more effective than placebos and to all intents and purposes the public were being sold candy.

But it was when that ‘candy’ was mixed with other drugs it became a real problem.

What Big Pharma really wants

The truth is very simple; if Big Pharma was really in business to cure people they’d actually put themselves out of business. As a collective the manufacturers of these unnecessary drugs make around six times more money every year than any other Fortune 500 industry, so it’s in their best interests to lie to the public and lean heavily on doctors to continue selling their products.

The third biggest killer in the US is adverse side-effects from prescription drugs, and only heart disease and cancer kill more people. The two biggest killers have only become prevalent since the growth in the food and drug industries which should tell you something about the contrary effects they have.

Heart disease and cancer could be eradicated quite easily through natural diets, avoiding GM foods, steering clear of unnecessary medication and taking in some regular exercise, and of course by doing so you eliminate the need for taking potentially dangerous drugs. Next time you’re prescribed a pill by your doctor, ask them what’s in it, what it might do and if there isn’t a natural alternative you could take instead. It’s in your best interests not to accept everything you’re told.

The problem now is that the pharmaceutical companies sponsor universities and many health care lectures are carried out by people from the drug companies, so in effect the doctors of tomorrow are being brainwashed into believing their suppliers before they even get out into the world of medicine.

The FDA is supposed to act as a shield for human health but due to the magnitude of Big Pharma’s power, they are often forced to compromise ideals in favour of supporting the heavily profitable drug industry; with pressure also coming from congress to keep the tax dollars rolling in.

Gwen Olsen today

In 2000 Gwen abandoned her work in the pharmaceutical industry to take up a position within the natural foods industry; firstly with Nature’s Way as an Accounts Manager, then as a Regional Sales Manager with Gaia Herbs.

She now spends her time writing, speaking at seminars and working as a natural health consultant and you can learn more about her work at

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