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Green tea is good for dental health


The health benefits green tea gives you seem endless. Ranging from treating cancer to helping you lose weight, preventing infections and increasing heart health, scientists have now found green tea also promotes dental health.

“It has been long speculated that green tea possesses a host of health benefits,” Dr. Yoshihiro Shimazaki of Kyushu University in Japan told “And since many of us enjoy green tea on a regular basis, my colleagues and I were eager to investigate the impact of green tea consumption on periodontal health, especially considering the escalating emphasis on the connection between periodontal health and overall health.”

The famous antioxidants in green tea have been proven to reduce periodontal disease, which is a chronic inflammation also affecting the gums. Green tea has been found to contain certain antimicrobial components, called catechins, which also promote a general good dental health.

According to, green tea drinkers generally have better tooth health than non green tea drinkers. Also, green tea drinkers are more likely to keep their teeth, while non green tea drinkers were more likely to lose their teeth.

What an easy way to boost your periodontal health.

Green tea can also fight eye problems.

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