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Gonorrhoea is the most popular STD, but Get Yourself Tested can help


According to recently published figures it appears that Gonorrhoea is now the most widespread STD, eclipsing the numbers associated with Chlamydia. The CDC has stated that around 700,000 people are infected with Gonorrhoea every year in the USA, as opposed to Chlamydia which falls just short of 70,000 per annum. Of those 700,000 around only half of those cases are reported to the CDC which means there’s a lot of dirty genitals wandering about out there spreading their filthy gossip.

The CDC also indicated that the highest percentage of newly acquired cases fall into the 15-24 year old bracket in both males and females.

Get it for free. The test, not Gonorrhoea.

So how does this disease get around? Same as most other STD’s; by contact with an infected penis, vagina, mouth or anus and the symptoms are as follows.

For men who display symptoms:

For women who display symptoms:

Although the anus and mouth can become infected they also quite often show no symptoms, but an oral infection can lead to a sore throat, inflammation and a ‘cracking’ of the tongue. If you think you might have picked the disease up and aren’t sure, “get yourself tested”. Here’s how:

‘Get Yourself Tested’ is a nationwide drive by Planned Parenthood and as such they are offering free tests on a ‘walk-in’ basis throughout April.

The tests are done quickly and no blood samples are taken, just swabs or perhaps a urine sample. HIV test results are returned within 20 minutes and only require an oral swab.

The CDC recommend regular testing for STD’s although individuals should take it upon themselves to reduce the risk of infection by using condoms or being more selective about their sexual partners. In other words, don’t be such a slut, and if you really must, at least rubber-up first.

MTV are helping to promote GYT and you can find out more by visiting the website at

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