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Gesturing in infants leads to language development delay


A recent study has revealed that a brain injury called perinatal brain lesions results in children developing a knack for gesturing which ultimately leads to delay in developing language abilities. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Chicago. According to, the study is based on a number of gestures including waving and pointing towards things by 11 kids who were 18 months old. The research brought to the fore that these gesturing habits in kids led to delay in developing vocabulary.

The language and the ability to comprehend by these kids were analyzed when they became 30 month old. As per, one out of every 4000 children struggles with this lesion which is mainly caused by stroke.  The study also found that while some children with time get over this problem, in certain others the problem maintains its persistence.

“Gesture may be a promising diagnostic tool for identifying those children with pre- or perinatal brain lesions whose language delays are likely to persist at a time when they are saying very little. Early identification may be useful because intervention early in development may be critical to successful remediation of language delay.” said Susan C. Levine, one of the researchers of the study.

Celebrities who have been diagnosed with issues in regards to their brain include Michael J. Fox, Charlton Heston and Danny Glover.


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