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Genes responsible for the habit of smoking


A recent study has revealed that genes are partially to be blamed for the habit of smoking. According to, the team of researchers found that there are many types of genes linked to the habit of smoking. During the study, researchers undertook the DNA sample profiles of about 140,000 adults which included non smokers as well as smokers. Researchers also investigated the factors like whether genes can predict the rate of smoking, the beginning of smoking and the chances of being able to kick the habit of smoking. The study was published in the journal called Nature Genetics.

As per, the findings of the study revealed that a change in the chromosome 11 from DNA code is responsible for imbibing the habit of smoking while chromosome 9 hinted at an association with the ability to quit smoking. The study also revealed that genes are also responsible for higher chances of lung cancer.

The research study may help develop better treatment for quitting the habit of smoking. “This lends support to the idea that smoking is not just a question of will power alone, but that genetics plays a role in how much a person smokes and their ability to quit smoking,” explained Dr. Helena Furberg, lead researcher, University of North Carolina.

Celebrities who have quit smoking include Brad Pitt,Jennifer AnistonEllen DeGeneresDebra Messing and Drew Barrymore.


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