Genes ‘control love of exercise and laziness’

According to new research, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society journal, the urge to keep fit is in a person’s genes and this love can be passed on from generation to generation. The same goes for people who are predisposed to laziness, reports.

The new research is thought to make way for the treatment of laziness. Doctors will now be able to treat inactive individuals by targeting their genes.

The study was conducted on mice at the University of California. Scientists found that with the help of selective breeding, the activity levels of the mice could be increased.

According to, it transpired that mice bred with the ability to run faster had offspring who did the same, showing that traits can be passed on genetically.

Researchers believe that these findings are also applicable to humans. They say that with the help of pharmacological help, people would be more likely to get involved in voluntary exercise. The medication would make it less comfortable for couch potatoes to sit around for extended periods of time.

Professor Garland commented: “In humans, activity levels vary widely from couch-potato-style inactivity to highly active athletic endeavors. We have a huge epidemic of obesity in Western society, and yet we have little understanding of what determines variation among individuals for voluntary exercise levels.”

Images: Adria Richards and Mark Cummins on Flikr

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