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Genes causing aneurysms identified


A recent discovery has led to identification of the genes which are responsible for the development of the brain aneurysms. According to, the research was conducted by the scientists at Yale University. The team of researchers studied the genome or the genetic code of the about 20,000 people and came across three types of genetic variants which are responsible for rise in the development of the aneurysms in a person. Aneurysms are formed when the blood vessels of the brain get swollen up and the artery walls become weak. This can even lead to strokes or death.

As per, so far the situation is such that by the time the aneurismal hemorrhagic stroke occurs due to formation of brain aneurysms, it is already too late to do much about it. The usual age for the stroke to occur is generally 50 years which happens without any prior warning signs.

The finding also revealed that people who have a genetic profile afflicted with risk variants are 5 to 7 times at more risk of developing aneurysms. “These findings provide important new insights into the causes of intracranial aneurysms and are a critical step forward in the development of a diagnostic test that can identify people at high risk prior to the emergence of symptoms.” said Professor Murat Gunel, lead researcher of the study.

Celebrities who have suffered a stroke include Dick Clark.


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